Sweetslim Tablets

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Sweetslim Tablets

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Weight gain gives tension. It invites many health complaints & disturbs your beauty. So we try to be slim with spending lakh of rupees, with different herbal, chemical treatments.

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  • 30 tabs

Sweetslimm Tablets

Fittness Tonic

( 1 to 2 Tablets twice a day after food)

Weight gain gives tension. It invites many health complaints & disturbs your beauty. So we try to be slim with spending lakh of rupees, with different herbal, chemical treatments. Many do Gym, exercise. with strict diet many suffer from Low BP & Sugar. Till the time you follow these treatments weight reduces but when you stop them then the weighgain starts & there is no permanent solution. Either you continue them lifetime or again weight becomes a problem.

Regular daily exercise, 1 to 2 hourse Walk, Suryanamaskara, Housework, Floor Cleaning, Yoga are the many easy ways for daily exercise which are very fruitfull in such complaints.

A fittness tonic for all ages is developed in a combination of sweetslimm tablet. Its a safe, slimming treatment. Take 1 to 2 Tablets twice a day & gradully increase as per requirement. Lighter feeling, energy, reduction in extra fat, cutting false hunger, relief from complaints like body pain, Joints pain etc. Sweetslimm works as a best tonic in todays no exercise lifestyle. Use this treatment for 3 to 4 months or you can continue further also.

Initially take Sweetslimm 1, Vatshaanti 1, Tanvishataa 1 & then continue with only Sweetslimm further.

Those who have high BP complaint can take Sweetslimm 1, Vatshaanti 1, hatajivanti 1 along with other aleopathic medicines.

In irregular late periods, less flow take 1 Sweetslimm, 1 Vatshaanti, 1 Tanvishataa once or twice a day & at bedtime take 1/4 tsp Tanvitila oil with luke warm water. Use this treatment for 3 to 4 months & once menstrus regularise then gradually you can stop the treatment & in future take if required. Since this is a totally herbal treatmentit is very much safe to use.

Sweetslimm works on worms infections. stomach pain, white patches & many such symtoms of worms infections.

with Sweetslimm twice a day take 2 to 3 glass of water with 1 tsp lemonjuice & a pinch of salt. Avoide oily, spicy food & heavy sweets.




Very Effective and fully cure able Tanvi Combinations

Tanvi Combinations

Use These Tanvi treatments regularly. Consult Tanvi doctors for best result. You can also take many treatments together at a time & Even with allopathic or homeopathic medicine also. All Tanvi products are availabel at medical stores & at Tanvi Clinics. Till the age of 5 years 1/4 tablet dose & afterwards 1 tablet dose is advisable. But Tanvishataa & Tanvijyeshta are the tonic treatments so even children can consume them in 2 or 4 tablets doses. For further details & information contact nearby Tanviclinic. Organise Tanvi lectures given by Dr. Medha on Ayurveda & natural remedies in your school, college, clubs & other institutes. Contact at Tanvi ,Ghantali, Thane for Dr. Medha's lectures. After the combinations, seperate productwise information is given in this booklet. Read it carefully. Take Tanvi Combinations all together after breakfast or lunch & after dinner with water. Continue for 3 to 4 months & then gradually stop or you can use it as a tonic in future.

-Tanvi Combinations For all health complaints-
Sr. No.ComplaintsTanvi Products to choose
1Strength, StaminaTanvi Gorex 1+Tanvishataa 1
2Sperm count ComplaintsTanvishataa 2+Tanvi Gorex1 + Shatajivanti Half + Ashwayashtee 1
3Anemic conditionTanvishataa 2+Tanvigorex 1 + (if required ) Shatjivanti half with water or milk.
4Weight gainAshwayashti 1+Tanvishataa 2 +Tanvigorex 1 tablet.
5Tooth Ache Healing gumsBrush with Dhavaldanti.Gargle with one tea spoon of Tanvitila oil.
6Acidity/heat disorders, skin burn/eye burning Vomiting, UlcersTanvishataa 2-2 tablets
7Urine stone and Urine infectionsTanvishataa 2-2 tablets.
8Memory Sharpness, concentration, self confidence etc.Ojasaa 1 + Tanvishata 1
9Psychiatric - ComplaintsTanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti 1+ Ojasa 1
10Constipation, Indigestion, Gas, Colitis, AmibiosisTanvishataa 2 +Vatshaanti 1 +Tanvitriphala 1+Wormex 1 +Tanvijyesta 1 or Tanvitriphala1+ Tanvjyesta 1 or only Tanvijyeshta 1
11Piles, Bleeding pilesTanvitrifla satva 1+Tanvijyeshta 1 (Apply Kishan Ointment.)
12Gas, Stomach PainTanvishataa 1+Vatshaanti 1 ( Apply Ketki oil on stomach)
13Eye problems Eye strain, Eye perssure
Spects etc.
Tanvitriphala 1+Tanvishataa 2+Vatshaanti 1 + Tanvigorex 1 + if required Wormex 1/2
14Liver tonic / liver disorders, Jaundice
hepatatis etc.
Liverex 1 + Vatshaanti 1 +Tanvishata 2+Tanvijyesta 1+ Tanvitriphala 1
15Mouth UlcersTanvijyeshta 1-1 Tab.
16Hiccups, Harsh voiceTanvijyeshta 2 + Vatshaanti 1+ Tanvishataa 1 to 2
17Cough - Asthama - Allergic CoughSanthakaphaa 1/4 +Vatshaanti 1 +Tanvishataa 2 +Tanvijyeshta 1 orSanthakaphaa 1/2 + Tanvijyeshta 2
18Cold-cough -Santhakaphaa 1
19Throat infection - toncilesSanthakaphaa 1 1/2 +Vatshaanti 1+Tanvishata 1
20Cough, cold, - dust allergy, sinus, migrain, psoryasisSanthakaphaa 1/4 +Vatshaanti 1+Tanvishataa 2 + Tanvijyeshta 1 ( ApplyUbtanjoy liquid or apply pack of aloevera joy or Kishn ointment on wet skin. Massage
& wash off after 2 minutes.
21SlimmingSweetslimm 1-1 or Sweetslimm1+Vatshaanti1+Tanvijyesta 1 or Sweetslimm 1 + Vatshaanti 1 + Shatajivanti 1
22Low bloodTanvishataa 2 or Tanvishataa 2 pressure + Shatajivanti 1/4 with milk
23High Blood pressure, cholestrol, triglycerides, blockages, angina painShatajivanti 1-1 or 2-2 or 4-4
24DiabetieceDiabetrack 1-1or 2-2 or 4-4,or Diabetrack 2+Shatjivanti 1 (twice a day before food )
25Joints pains, Cramps, Spondylitis
Slipdisc etc.
Sweetslimm 1 + Arthritis, Leg Vatshaanti 1+Tanvishataa 1+ Shatajivanti Half ( apply Ketki Oil )
26Tonic on ParkinsonsTanvishataa 2+Vatashanti 1 +Shatajivanti 1/2+Ojasaa 1/2+ Ashwayashtee 1/2+
Wheatagrasso 1 ( Apply Ketki Oil )
27Sleeplessness (Insomnia)One Ojasaa after dinner
28White patchesSanthkapha 1/4 + Vatshaanti 1+Tanvishataa 2 +Shatajivanti 1/2+Ojasaa 1/2 + Ashwayashtee 1/2 + Wheatagrasso 1 ( Apply Ubtan Joy)
29Prickly heat & boils etc.Tanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti 1/2 + Tanvijyeshta 1 (Apply Ubtan joy on wet skin.)
30Swelling, Legpain Orthopedic Disorders, pain in bonesTanvishataa 2+Vatshaanti 1 + Shatajivanti 1/4( apply Ketaki Oil )
31Wounds, burns, cutsTanvishataa 2+Vatshaanti 1( Apply on wet skin cucumber joy liquid or Kishan Ointment )
32HeadacheTanvishataa 2orKeypen 1 + Tanvishataa 1+Tanvijyesta1 ( Apply Tanvi Ointment )
33Fever, Feverish ConditionTanvishataa 2+ Feverex 1or Santhakaphaa 1/4 + Tanvishataa 2+Vatshaanti
1/2 + Tanvijyeshta 1+feverex 1
34Diaria, dysenteryTanvishataa 2+Vatshaanti 1 + Tanvijyeshta 1 + with a pintch of nutmeg powder
35Calcuim DeficiencyAshwayashtee 1+Tanvishataa 2 + Tanvijyeshta 1 (with milk or water)
36Hormones imbalance, Late periods,
less flow etc. with lukewarm water at
Sweetslimm 1 + Vatshaanti 1 irregular periods, + Tanvishataa 1 + (take orally Tanvitila oil 1/4 tsp.
37Stomach ache, pain in waist, heavy
flow during periods.
Tanvishataa 2-2-2-2
38White dischargeTanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti 1 + Tanvigorex 1
39Verlcose VeinsTanvishataa 1 + Vatshaanti 1 + Shatajivanti 1 (Apply Ketaki Oil)
40Tonic in ThyroidTanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti 1 + Shatajivanti 1 + Ojasaa 1/2
41Tonic in CancersWheatagrasso 1+ Tanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti 1 +Tanvigorex 1 + Ojasaa 1/2 +
Tanvitriflasatva 1+Shatajivanti1/4
42Tonic in KidneyTanvishataa 2+Vatshaanti 1/2+ disorders Tanvijyeshta 1+Shatajivanti 1/2 + or Tanvishataa 1-1 or 2-2
43Tonic in AidsTanvishataa 2+Vatshaanti 1/2+ Shatajivanti 1/2 +Tanvijyeshta 1 Tanvigorex 1/2 +
Wheatgrasso 1
44Worms infectionsWormex 1 after dinner.
45Bed WettingOjasaa 1 after dinner.
46Nail Alergy, Nail RoughnessTanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti 1+ Santhakaphaa 1/4 + Tanvijyeshta 1(Apply Kishan
Ointment or Ubtan joy )
47Frequent UrinationShatajivanti 1 + Vatshaanti 1 orOjasa 1 ( with milk or water )
48Hair fall, split endsTanvishataa 2 + Tanvigorex 1+Tanvijyeshta 1 + Vatshaanti 1/4Tanvitriflasatva 1 (Apply
Keshbala Oil & once a week apply pack of Jaswandjoy 4 tsp + Keshkirti 1/2 tsp + water.)
49Dandruff - LiceTanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti 1 + Tanvitriflasatva 1 + Wormex 1/2 (Use pack of Dandruffend 4 tsp tsp or Alovera Joy 4 tsp with water once a week & apply Keshbala Oil.)
50Grey Hair, Premature GreyingTanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti 1+ Tanvitriflasatva 1+Tanvigorex 1 + Shatajivanti 1/2 ( Use pack ofKeshkalapini Powder + water (Apply Keshbala Oil)
51Skin ItchingSanthakaphaa 1/4 + Tanvijyeshta 1 + Tanvishataa 2+Vatshaanti 1/2 ( Use Ubtan joy liquid on wet skin or apply Alovera Joy Powder with water or apply( Kishan Ointment )
52Prickly heat, sunburn, body heatTanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti 1 + rashes, Tanvijyeshta1 + Wheatgrasso 1(Apply cucumber joy or Ubtan joy Liquid on wet skin, or applyAloevera Joy powder + water
53Pimples, Scars Black PatchesTanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti 1 +Tanvijyeshta 1 (Apply pack of Pimpletone Powder + water)
54Pigmentation, TanningTanvishataa 2+Vatshaanti 1 +Tanvijyeshta 1+ Tanvigorex 1/2 (Apply Papai Joy liquid, Alovera Joy, Kanaka Lep)
55Skin Care in Skin allergies dryness etc.Tanvishataa 2+Tanvijyeshta 1 +Vatshaanti 1 (Apply on wet skin Papai Joy liquid or Alovera Joy powder or Cucumber Joy liquid or Ubtan joy liquid.)
56Superfluous hairSweetslimm 1+Vatshaanti 1 +Tanvishataa 1 ( Massage with turmeric powder + Ubtan joy Liquid +water.)
57Under eyes black circlesTanvishataa 2 + Vatshaanti1 + Tanvijyeshta 1 + Tanvigorex 1 ( Apply Alovera Joy Powder with water or Papai Joy liquid on wet skin.)
58Hair wash For rough, infected hairKeshkirti 1/2 TSP + any Shampoo 1/4 TSP +Water 1/4 Cup. Wash twice or thrice at a time.
59Skin Wash for rough, allergic skinApply on wet skin Papai Joy or Cucumber Joy or Ubtanjoy or Alovera Joy Powder
or Kanaka Lep.
60Body Massage -Tanvitila Oil + Ketaki Oil body pain
61Hands & Legs wash for allergic skinTanvishataa 1 + Vatshaanti 1 (Tanvitila Oil Massage, or Wash Skin with Ubtanjoy, Papai
Joy, Cucumber Joy Liquid.
62Cracks on feetSanthakapha 1/4 + Tanvishataa 2+Vatshaanti 1 + Tanvijyeshta 1 (Apply Ubtanjoy Liquid on wet skin massage & wash off)
Tips for healthy BathDo not pour more hot or cold water on head. It’s harmful for the skin.
DO NOT EATMilk product with chapati or any wheat product with Curd or Milk with fruits, Milk and
fish together, Milk and Mungdal Khichdi. This is opposite combination as per Ayurveda which is harmfull for health.

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Sweetslim Tablets

Sweetslim Tablets

Weight gain gives tension. It invites many health complaints & disturbs your beauty. So we try to be slim with spending lakh of rupees, with different herbal, chemical treatments.


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