Jenil D.B.T Powder

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Tones up pancreas to produce insulin adequately
Control the sugar level of the body

Helps to purify and regulate blood circulation
Cleanses body system


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  • 200 grams

Jenil D.B.T Powder for Diabetes

Jenil  D.B.T Powder is a compound of Herbs which is effective which helps to maintain the Sugar level of the body

It assists in maintaining the digestive system and prevents the growth of the diabetes.


How it works: 

  • Tones up pancreas to produce insulin adequately
  • Cleanses body system
  • Helps to purify and regulate blood circulation


Dosage: -

One tea - spoon twice a day before having breakfast in morning and Dinner.


FAQ’s about Jenil D.B.T Powder


Are there any harmful effects of it on the digestive system?

No this herbal drug is found to be completely safe for your digestive system. This drug does not upset or changes your metabolic system but it however benefits it the most. It known to promote the digestive fire or Pitta that helps having a healthy digestive system.


What is the significance of it name?

Its name is of great significance since it specifies the herbal preparation that brings about the destruction of the excessive sugars or glucose within your system.


For how long duration this herbal preparation is to be used?

This herbal preparation can be easily used for a long duration in both acute as well as chronic diseases. And specially in case of individuals who are suffering from various types of problems related to the body sugar or glucose levels can use this preparation on the regular basis and have their glucose levels monitored on a daily basis and once they see a downfall in the glucose levels they can easily taper down the dosage of this drug.


Can it be used on a daily basis?

Yes it can be used on a daily basis as this is known to provide strength to the immune system as well as it also known to eliminate the disease along with the source producing it. So even if one uses it regularly even in the absence of the disease this is extremely beneficial. Moreover it maintains a healthy level of blood sugar levels and when regularly used this is known to benefit


Each 100 Gram Contains 
Kutaki10 gm
Chirayata10 gm
Indrayan5 gm
Karela10 gm
Gudmar10 gm
Jamun Beej10 gm
Haridra5 gm
Neem Patra5 gm
Guduchi10 gm
Vijaysar5 gm
Methi5 gm
Triphala5 gm

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Jenil D.B.T Powder

Jenil D.B.T Powder

Tones up pancreas to produce insulin adequately
Control the sugar level of the body

Helps to purify and regulate blood circulation
Cleanses body system


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