Charak Skinelle Cream

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Skinelle Cream

Natural comedolytic and antimicrobial






1) Adolescent’s acne vulgaris and premenstrual acne.



Skinelle cream should be applied regularly twice daily till the desired response is achieved.

Ideally, Skinelle cream and Skinelle capsules  should  be  prescribed  concurrently  for  optimal  response, but  in  patients  with  lesions  restricted  to  the  comedo  stage,  the use  of  Skinelle cream alone may be adequate.



The application of Skinelle cream should be discontinued if signs of irritation or sensitization develop. The use of greasy cosmetics should be avoided. Patients should be restrained from squeezing or excoriating the lesions.



1) Effective and safe natural medication.

2) It can be used for long period of time.

3) The improvement may be seen after 2-3 weeks of continuous use.





1) Prefer bland food.

2) Consumption of leafy vegetables is recommended.

3) Consumption of cow’s milk, ghee is useful.



1) Avoid intake of high protein food and sweets.

2) Avoid mental tension.

3) Avoid keeping awake late in the night.

4) Avoid smoking, alcohol and tobacco chewing.

5) Avoid consumption of fast food, confectioneries and bakery products.

6) Avoid excessive consumption of tea and coffee.



Each mg contains :

Name of Ingredient                Latin/ English Name              Qty

Extracts of the following :

Madanphal              Randia dumetorum               17.5% w/w

Shalmali  Bombax malabaricum           1.5 gm

Haridra    Curcuma longa       2.5% w/w

Yashtimadhu           Glycyrrhiza glabra  2.5% w/w

Khadir chhal            Acacia catechu       2.5% w/w

Kupilu shuddha       Purified Strychnos nux vomica              2.5% w/w

Manjishtha              Rubia cordifolia     2.5% w/w

Sariva      Hemidesmus indicus             2.5% w/w

Shunthi    Zingiber officinale 2.5% w/w

Vacha      Acorus calamus     1.0% w/w

Arishtaka Sapindus mukorossi               1.0% w/w

Lodhra     Symplocos racemosa             1.0% w/w

Daruharidra             Berberis aristata    0.5% w/w

Dhanyak  Coriandrum sativum              0.5% w/w

Kachur     Curcuma zedoaria  0.5% w/w

Kapur kachri            Hedychium spicatum             0.5% w/w

Amra haridra          Curcuma amada    0.5% w/w

Saindhav >>>>       0.5% w/w

Varuna    Crataeva nurvala    0.5% w/w

Marubak  Origanum majorana              0.5% w/w

Safed sarson           Eruca sativa           0.5% w/w

Kamal phool            Nelumbium speciosum         0.5% w/w

Gulab phool            Rosa damascena   0.5% w/w

Cream base                              q.s.




SKINELLE is natural comedolytic and antimicrobial. The main ingredients Rubia cordifolia, Curcuma longa and Hemidesmus indicus exhibit anti-inflammatory activity. SKINELLE suppresses the capacity of Propionibacterium acnes induced oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory cytokines, the two important inflammatory mediators in acne pathogenesis. Andropogan muricatus is a blood-purifying agent, which is essential in the treatment of Acne vulgaris. Acorus calamus has antifungal property and Curcuma amada has antimicrobial property. Coriandrum sativum is an antioxidant. Thus SKINELLE is a twin treatment for Acne vulgaris


Important ingredients            Action


Manjishtha, Kachur, Haridra  Anti-inflammatory

Sariva,  Vidang        Antibacterial

Usheer    Blood-purifier

Vacha      Antifungal

Dhanyak  Antioxidant

Amra Haridra          Antimicrobial


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Charak Skinelle Cream

Charak Skinelle Cream


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