Charak Paedritone Drops

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Charak Paedritone Drops

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The digestive tonic beyond Gripe water

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  • 60 ml

Paedritone Drops

The digestive tonic beyond Gripe water






1) Gripes

2) Colic

3) Flatulence and indigestion

4) Diarrhea during dentition



Infant's up to

1 month: 8 to 10 drops three to four times a day.

1 month to 6 months: 15 to 20 drops three to four times a day.



1) Safe and effective for fast relief of colic pain and flatulence in infants and children.

2) Aids digestion

3) Exerts antibacterial activity

4) Promotes proper digestion and provides growth promoting action.

5) Free from alcohol

6) Very pleasant taste and hence acceptable to even fastidious infants and children.




1) Timely breast feeding to the infant and child

2) Give only boiled water.



1) Avoid bottle-feeding.

2) Avoid buffalo milk, which is rich in fat.




Each 5ml contains

Name of Ingredient and its Latin/ English Name with Qty


Extracts of the following

Suva      Anethum sowa                150 mg

Brahmi  Herpestis monniera       24 mg

Shankhapushpi Evolvulus alsinoides       24 mg

Ajawayan            Carum copticum              15 mg

Vacha    Acorus calamus                12 mg

Jeeraka                Cuminum cyminum        6 mg

Yashtimadhu      Glycyrrhiza glabra           6 mg

Ativisha                Aconitum heterophyllum            3 mg

Kumari  Aloe barbadensis            3 mg

Shatavari             Asparagus racemosus   3 mg

Daruharidra        Berberis aristata              3 mg

Haridra Curcuma longa 3 mg

Kachur  Curcuma zedoaria           3 mg

Nagarmotha       Cyperus rotundus           3 mg

Elaichi    Elettaria cardamomum 3 mg

Amalaki                Emblica officinalis            3 mg

Vidanga                Embelia ribes    3 mg

Shatapushpa      Foeniculum vulgare       3 mg

Kutaj     Bark of Holarrhena antidysenterica         3 mg

Indrayav              Holarrhena antidysenterica        3 mg

Nagkesar             Mesua ferrea   3 mg

Pippali   Piper longum    3 mg

Pippali mool       Root of Piper longum    3 mg

Chitrak mool      Plumbago zeylanica       3 mg

Karkatshringi      Pistacia integerrima       3 mg

Bibhitaki               Terminalia belerica         3 mg

Haritaki Terminalia chebula         3 mg

Guduchi               Tinospora cordifolia       3 mg

Vidlavan               >>>>    3 mg

Shunthi                Zingiber officinale           3 mg

Flavoured syrupy base                   q.s.





Improvement in digestive function has beneficial effects on growth and development of the child.  PAEDRITONE naturally tones up the digestive system and thereby ensures the proper toning of other vital systems as well. PAEDRITONE is a natural carminative  which  improves  appetite,  digestion  and  leads  to  proper  evacuation. Acorus calamus offers carminative and antispasmodic activity and thus helps ease the colic discomfort.  Holarrhena  antidysenterica  demonstrates  antibacterial  activity against  enteric  pathogens  and  offers  anti-diarrhoeal  activity.  Cuminum  cyminum, Emblica  officinalis  are  antioxidants.  Anethum sowa exhibits fungi static properties. Plumbago zeylanica normalises gastrointestinal flora. Thus, PAEDRITONE provides relief from common pediatric complaints like gripes, colics, indigestion and diarrhoea.


Important ingredients   Action


Suva  - Fungistatic

Indrayav, kutaj  -  Antibacterial activity against enteric pathogens, anti-diarrhoeal

Vacha, ajawayan - Carminative and antispasmodic activity

Jeeraka krishna, Amalaki - Antioxidant

Chitrak mool - Gastrointestinal flora normaliser

Vidanga  - Anthelminthic




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Charak Paedritone Drops

Charak Paedritone Drops

The digestive tonic beyond Gripe water