Charak Sumenta Tablet

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Charak Sumenta Tablet

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The natural anxiolytic for daytime anxiety management

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Sumenta Tablet

The natural anxiolytic for daytime anxiety management





1) Mild to moderate clinical anxiety. A mild case of mixed anxiety depression will get relief from symptoms within 3 weeks. The patient should take the drug of minimum 6 months to have complete relief.

2) Sumenta tablets are also indicated in anxiety associated with other illness like Premenstrual syndrome, Infertility, Miscarriage or perinatal loss and during menopause.


In mild to moderate anxiety: 1 tablet twice daily.


1) Exerts anxiolytic effect

2) Exhibits sleep enhancing properties

3) Antistress -Adaptogenic and mood stabilizer

4) Neuroprotective action calms the nervous system



1) Do exercise every day to make yourself feel better and to get more energy.

2) Do eat balanced meals and healthy food, and get the right amount of sleep. Eat a nutritious meal rich in fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid high fat meals.

3) Do take your medicine regularly. Your medicine won’t work if you only take it once in a while.


1)      Don’t isolate yourself, be in touch with your loved ones and friends.


Each coated tablet contains :

Name of Ingredient        Latin/ English Name       Qty

Extracts of the following :

Brahmi  Bacopa monniera            200 mg

Amalaki                Emblica officinalis            200 mg

Vacha    Acorus calamus                150mg

Ashwagandha   Withania somnifera       150 mg

Shankhapushpi Evolvulus alsinoides       150 mg

Jyotishmati         Celastrus paniculatus    150 mg

Arjun     Terminalia arjuna            100 mg

Bilva       Aegle marmelos              50 mg

St. John’s Wort Extract  Hypericum perforatum                22.5 mg

Jatamansi            Nardostachys jatamansi               20 mg

Tagar     Valeriana wallichii           20 mg


SUMENTA is the herbal combination of anxiolytics, anti-stress, and adaptogenic ingredients. Herpestis monniera exerts anxiolytic activity comparable to lorazepam. Valeriana wallichii exhibits anxiolytic and sleep enhancing properties. Withania Somnifera acts as a mood stabilizer. Nardostachys jatamansi has tranquilizing and neuroprotective properties. All these ingredients are proven to be effective in cases of mixed anxiety depression and associated other disorders. SUMENTA is a safe anxiolytic compared to benzodiazepines. It does not cause drowsiness or sedation and thus can be taken during daytime without any hesitation.

Important ingredients  Action

Ashwagandha  Anxiolytic, tranquilizer, neuroprotective, calms the nervous system

Jatamansi            Tranquilizer, neuroprotective

Tagar, Brahmi    Anxiolytic


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Charak Sumenta Tablet

Charak Sumenta Tablet

The natural anxiolytic for daytime anxiety management