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Complete Gum Protection What it does: Dental Cream is a refreshing herbal toothpaste for overall dental care. It is enriched with Nimba (Neem) that fights germs and bad breath, Meswak (Toothbrush Tree) which prevents gum bleeding, Dadima (Pomegranate), known for its astringent properties that keep gums healthy, and natural fluoride to prevent dental caries.

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Medicine on dental complaints. (For external use only) (Brush with 1 pinch Dhawaldanti Twice a day)

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For sensitive teeth and halitosis Action:  Desensitizing: HiOra-K Mouthwash contains natural potassium that reduces tooth sensitivity from varied etiologies. It also restores the mineral composition of teeth, strengthening them as a result. Halitosis: HiOra-K Mouthwash eliminates bad breath, refreshes the mouth and maintains oral hygiene.

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G32 as Gum & Oral Cavity massage, Dentifrice, Rinse and Gargle Gives relief from symptoms in 2-3 applicationsRemarkable improvement in 2-3 days.

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Amar Clove Gel: Clove has always been Natures best gift for the well being of teeth.

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Freshness guaranteed What it does: Himalaya's Active Fresh toothpaste is packed with refreshing herbal ingredients that ensure long-lasting fresh breath. Menthol is a natural refreshing agent, Indian Dil prevents mouth odor, while Clove and Fennel are effective natural astringents that tighten gums.

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Among all the white toothpaste brands, Amar white stands apart with the presence of three fabulous herbs best known for their healing properties on teeth.

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Amar super six is a very effective source for your oral hygiene.

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