Hay Fever 

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The potent Antipyretic, Amapachak & Kaphaghna Yoga which breaks the Samprapti of  Jwara. Useful in symptoms such as headache, body pain, coryza, cough developed along   with fever. Effective Amapachak with combination of Hingul, Trikatu & Vatsanabh. Reduces pain, inflammation & fever due to tonsillitis.

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Alterative heamatinic and tonic.  Used in chronic Fever, Cough, Rickets and debility of Children. 

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Dhootapapeshwar AMRITARISHTA

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A unique combination of Tribhuvankeerti Rasa, Sootashekhar Rasa & Ghana derived from Mahasudarshan Choorna, acting as Jwaraghna & Amapachak. These properties are further enhanced with the addition of Mahasudarshan Ghana. Useful in Jwara by reducing body temperature with Swedajanak & Srotovishodhak action.

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Quick Overview : Useful in Fever Features : Proven herbs that act in Fever due to Malaria, Viral infection & Pyrexia (Fever) of unknown origin). Especially useful in Resistant cases of Fever Immunity Booster herbs - Help in preventing recurrent attacks of Fever & Infection Safe & Natural Does not cause harmful side effects.

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