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Amrit Kalash, Maharishi Amrit Kalash, Amrit Kalash Nectar, Amrit Kalash tablets is especially good for the mind, brain and nerves. Also promotes vitality and inner strength. All-natural, pesticide-free blend of 13 traditional herbs.

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A potent formulation prepared from the combination of Sootashekhar Rasa (Suvarnayukta), Aragvadh, Avipattikar Choorna, etc. is beneficial in conditions developed due to vitiated Pitta and related symptoms

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Natral treatment for Hyper acidity | Herbal Ayurvedic medicine for Ulcer

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Improves digestion, Increases appetite, Prevents Constipation

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Improves immunity build-up, Helps protect the body from common infections viz, Cold, Body aches etc

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Wellknown as `Pitta Matra’, `Sootashekhar’ is excellent Deepak, Pachak and Pittashamak mainly acting on `Sama Pitta.’ Most useful in Amlapitta with symptoms such as headache, burning, nausea, belching, Chhardi, Bhrama. Effective in Garbhini in morning sickness during first trimester of pregnancy.

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Safe and effective herbal antinauseant and antiemetic.

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Extensively used in Fever Dyspepsia Loss of appetite Fatigue and Nausea.

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Safe and effective herbal antinauseant and antiemetic.

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Zandu Triphala Churna combines nutritional as well as cleansing actions.

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