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Sutshekhar Ras Uses: It is used in the treatment of  Dyspepsia, gastritis, vomiting, abdominal colic, cough, cold, diarrhoea, dysentery, bloating and indigestion.

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Dhootapapeshwar USHEERASAVA

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The treatment of hyperacidity, Antacid and acid peptic disorders

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Dhootapapeshwar CHANDANASAVA

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Natral treatment for Hyper acidity | Herbal Ayurvedic medicine for Ulcer

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A proven remedy for Amlapitta with prompt relief being an excellent Pittashamak.  effective in Agnimandya and Aruchi by regularizing Pitta secretion & enchancing action of Agni. It reduces nausea, heart burn & epigastric pain. It strengthens Annavaha Srotas by reestablishing metabolic activity.

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Fights Hyperacidity

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Well-known Deepak, Pachak Kalpa acting on Agni specially effective in Ajeerna. Also useful in vomiting due to Ajeerna and Kamala. It reduces burning sensation and thus relieves Udarshoola.

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Wellknown as `Pitta Matra’, `Sootashekhar’ is excellent Deepak, Pachak and Pittashamak mainly acting on `Sama Pitta.’ Most useful in Amlapitta with symptoms such as headache, burning, nausea, belching, Chhardi, Bhrama. Effective in Garbhini in morning sickness during first trimester of pregnancy.

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The complete antacid, beyond just relief Action:  Relieves gastrointestinal discomfort: Due to its ulcer-healing and gastroprotective properties, the natural ingredients in Himcocid combat ulcers and gastritis.

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Useful in: -GAS -INDIGESTION and -ERUCTATION * Can be taken as an appetizer also

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Useful in Piles, Prolapse Ani, Constipation, Fissure of Anus, Pruritus Ani etc

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