Menstrual Problems 

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 Discreet PackingWith goodness of 100% herbal extracts makes this formulation a safe pick, useful in prolapse of vagina

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Dr. Jain's CLARYSAGE Oil

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Leucorrhoea, Non specific discharge

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- Infective and inflammatory diseases female genitourinary tract - Multi-directional action over the body of women to re-establish the normal physiology in all respects. - Used for menstrual disorders - Menopausal syndrome - Nervous and psychogenic disorders - Nutritional disorders - Gastro-intestinal disorders - Insomnia - Burning feet(sole)

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Dhootapapeshwar USHEERASAVA

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Aloes compoundFemale Infertility, Sub fertility, Menstrual Disorders

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Oral Herbal Haemostatic and Coagulant in all Bleeding conditionsDysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB)Brings down clotting time from 201 to 78 seconds in 60 minutes

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