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This Products is unique formulation is very effective in the treatment of Heart diseases and related symptoms.It acts as a Cardio protective & Anti arrhythmic medicine providing strength to the heart muscles and maintaining heart rate.Contents like Jatamansi maintains Blood pressure,Dashamoola relieves Pain & Irregular cardiac rhythm &...

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Suvarnayukta Vasant Kusumakar Ras, is the best of its kind for Diabetes and its complications. Other contents like amejjaka Ghana, Amalaki, Haridra are well known for reducing blood and urine sugar effectively due to their Kapha and Meda Pachak action. Shuddha Shilajit is a Rejuvenator and Aphrodisiac beneficial in Diabetic Impotency & Yashada Bhasma...

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A potent formulation prepared from the combination of Sootashekhar Rasa (Suvarnayukta), Aragvadh, Avipattikar Choorna, etc. is beneficial in conditions developed due to vitiated Pitta and related symptoms

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